& Practical Details

The visit requires a moderate physical effort (262 steps, half of which are less than 15 cm high; as a comparison, the Clérigos Tower in Porto has less than 200 steps, but much more steep)

Both the ascent and the descent are done in stages, in order to respect the rythm of all visitors.


It is recommended to bring comfortable clothing and footwear

For security reasons, slippers/flip flops and shoes with heel are prohibited

For convenience in harness placement, we do not recommend skirts / dresses

Sunscreen is recommended between 11 and 16 hours.


To minimize waiting time, we recommend groups greater than 13 people to make a prior reservation.


Visits can be made in Portuguese, English and Spanish; in most days, also in French and Italian (please confirm with us beforehand).

The exhibition is bilingual: English and Portuguese.

The world record for longest concrete arch back in 1963, with a 270 metre span.