David can concentrate his ability to explain the best stories of the Bridge and Porto with an unusual good mood. He is always willing to help those who come to the Bridge Climb and if you want to share/hear stories from the life of an absolutely amazing scout, he is your guide.
Scout's honour!


Inês is the most experienced guide at Porto Bridge Climb. She studies at the Faculty of Arts, some say she has such a perfect English that she is even better than her own Portuguese. At first she may seem a bit shy, but after wearing the harness she turns out to be a super nice person and full of curiosities to tell. If you're afraid of heights, she's the ideal guide to take you, because she always manages to convey an unshakable calm and tranquility!


Marco arrived in Porto as a student of History and for the history of Invicta became interested. He divides his time between his visits to PBC and his second master's degree, which makes him a well of information about bridges and our city. Marco knows better than anyone the best there is to visit in Porto.


Marisol was born in Switzerland but could not stay far from Portuguese lands, moving first to Alentejo and then to Porto. She's a polyglot, who speaks Portuguese, French, English, Italian and German. She has already worked in the Port Wine Cellars, so she has good tips for those who have not yet decided which cellars to visit.


Marta is extroverted and a natural communicator! Every day she surprises us with a new story, some extravagant curiosity or a crazy adventure!
Super cheerful and fun, she knows how to captivate with her natural sense of humor.
Besides her passion for History, she is passionate about sewing and has a strong interest in historic clothing!


O Ricardo é a epítome de alegria no trabalho. Para além de ser um guia cuidadoso e preocupado com os visitantes, trabalhar com ele é como fazer parte de um musical, já que ele sabe sempre a música perfeita para qualquer situação e começa a cantar espontaneamente. É também um dos guias mais experientes, e divide o seu tempo entre as aulas de Direito, as visitas ao arco e a Tuna.