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Sérgio is a Portuguese, born in Porto. Over the years, he has lived in Brazil and Spain and, when he was there, he climbed the Sugarloaf Mountain and the Covadonga mountain range, which is why he feels at home here in Ponte. He's currently doing a Masters in Political Science and guiding visitors to the top of the Arrábida bridge arch, and it's as fun as it sounds! Despite having lived abroad, he always returned to Porto, so he can tell you that there is some magic in this city, which you will also understand when you see the lit riverside from the top of the bridge.



Born and raised in Porto, our guide Inês divides her time between Porto Bridge Climb and her degree in interior design.
She loves a good sunset, her city, and making people feel at home during his visits. Has a great sense of humor and is always up for a good laugh. She gives great advice and knows the best spots in town! 

Spoiler: You can expect a bit of gymnastics from the visit!



Carlota always has a smile on her face and wins over our visitors with her good mood. This is also reflected in her daily life, as she is known by her family as “joy”. She reconciles her time in law school and at PBC, where she has a lot of advice to give.


Margarida Duarte

Margarida started her journey in Lisbon, but after getting to know the richness of the city of Porto, she didn't hesitate and moved here. With a degree in tourism, she will take you to the top of the bridge to discover the best curiosities of the Invicta!

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João is a tour guide in love with the Arrábida Bridge, in Porto, Portugal. With a degree in Sport and Physical Education and currently taking a Masters in Sports Training, he is a dynamic, fun and positive person. With his in-depth knowledge of the region and contagious enthusiasm, he provides visitors with authentic and memorable experiences, making his visits to the Arrábida Bridge truly special.



A tall, strong, dynamic and slightly robust young man who never let anyone fall from the top, in addition to applying security measures very well. With him a great visit awaits you, as long as you don't see the first part of this description as a challenge.

In addition to his robustness, we cannot fail to mention his talent for making everyone laugh and in a good mood!

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