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Special services

In addition to the regular visits we have every afternoon, we can prepare exclusive experiences for any occasion.

Your imagination is the limit. For more information and special requests, contact us.

Here are some examples of services already made available:


Exclusive morning and evening visits, contact us for more information.


Early in the morning to see the sunrise.

For photographers

Longer visits and with the possibility of photographing the entire route.

With professional photographers and videographers.
(contact us to know more)


Our experts help your team to develop trust, communication, curiosity or resilience.

With a specialist

Guided visits by specialists in Structural Engineering or by Pedro (stepper #1, founder of Porto Secret Spots


If you want to turn that moment into something unique, talk to us and present us with your idea!

Bachelor parties 

First stage of stag parties (before any alcohol).
Attention: we love all the animation of these events, but the visit is forbidden to anyone under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Additional needs

Even slower and/or exclusive visits for people with motor, physical or mental difficulties (as long as they can go up and down the stairs autonomously).

Visits at night

Occasional evening visit - through AirBnB Experiences.


You can bring sweets, snacks or something else that is not too heavy or bulky, which the guide will carry to the top in a backpack;
We can sing happy birthday, and other songs too!

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