Photography service

This is an experience you'll want to remember!

Since March / 2018, we started to offer a professional photography service, which allows us to capture innovative perspectives of the visit.

Check out some examples of the photos you'll get.

So, let's take some photos?


With our photo service, we capture images of your visit to the Arrábida Bridge arch. 

The most amazing ones are taken by a drone that flies beside the bridge as we climb, others are captured from the opposite arch with a handheld camera while visitors enjoy the view from the top. Lastly some portraits of the way down are taken from the foot of the arch. The service always includes an individual portrait at the end.

The price is €3,5 per person, and the images are emailed to you within 48 hours.

In the summer our photographer is usually at the bridge, but if you really want the images, you can let us know in the "Special requests" of the booking form.

So, let's take some photos?

Remarks: Currently our photography service isn't available regularly.