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Terms and conditions "Nas Nuvens" contest

Porto Bridge Climb, promotes a contest aimed at the consumer public with the purpose of, together with Dream Fly Portugal  promote their experiences of climbing the arch of the Arrábida Bridge and Indoor Skydiving.


1. Duration


The competition starts on November 29 2021 (Monday) at 12:00 and ends on December 8 2022 (Wednesday) at 23:59.


2. Territorial Scope


The contest is limited to Portuguese territory.


3. Participants


Any person over the age of 18 can participate in this competition, except members of the organizing company or participating companies, their first-degree relatives, members of advertising and promotional agencies and the suppliers of both organizations related to the competition, who will not be able to participate.


In this competition, the terms “participant”, “consumer” and “user” will have the same meaning.


4. Description and Mechanics


The competition takes place on Porto Bridge Climb's Instagram and Facebook account ( via a feed post. To participate, the user must comment the post with a phrase that includes the expression “in the clouds” and identifying (tag) 2 friends.


They can participate several times, as long as different friends are identified and create a different sentence per participation.


5. Determination of Winner


The winner will be the participant with the most original comment.


The winner's name will be revealed up to 5 working days after the competition's end date through Porto Bridge Climb's Instagram and Facebook.


6. Prize, Communication and Delivery of the Prize


The prize 1 individual pack with 2 indoor skydiving flights provided by Dream Fly. The voucher is valid for 15 months and the appointment is made through the Dream Fly website ( ).


The name of the winner will be announced through Porto Bridge Climb's Instagram and the winner's email will be requested via a private message.


The prize will be sent to the email indicated by the winner within 5 days.


If you do not express your acceptance within the indicated period, if you do not comply with the rules of the competition or if there is an error or omission of data by the winner, preventing your identification or contact, the winner will lose the right to receive the prize.


7. Personal data


The participant authorizes and consents to their data being processed by Porto Bridge Climb, which will use them to correctly manage this competition.  


The data subject may exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by sending the corresponding written request to


The winner expressly authorizes Porto Bridge Climb to publish his/her full name and phrase for purposes related to the dissemination of this competition.


8. Control and Security Standards


Porto Bridge Climb reserves the right to adopt the appropriate measures to avoid any conduct suspected of having as its purpose or effect any fraud attempt in this competition or non-compliance with the rules, or even to the detriment of other participants.


The immediate consequence will be their exclusion from the competition and the loss of all rights to the prize that the participant may have obtained.


Instagram and Facebook do not sponsor or manage this hobby in any way, nor are they associated with it. The participant is aware that he is making his information available to Porto Bridge Climb, which will only use it in the management of his participation in the competition.


9. Other rules of the hobby


Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules without reservations or criteria.


Porto Bridge Climb reserves the right to make changes to the mechanics of this competition at any time or to end it in advance if necessary for just cause, without being held liable. These changes will be communicated accordingly, and efforts will be made not to harm certain participants in relation to others.


Porto Bridge Climb is not responsible for possible loss, theft or any other circumstance that may affect the winner of the prizes, without assuming any compensation for these or other reasons.


Additional questions regarding the “In the Clouds” competition should be sent to .

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